4 highly paid actresses with annoying performance

Talent does not always guarantee success in the field of acting, and fantastic fees of Hollywood divas are not at all an indicator of their great talent. There are many highly paid actresses among those whose play annoys literally everyone.

Anne Hathaway

Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that in the film The Devil Wears Prada the young and pretty Englishwoman looked very organically. However, further Ann’s work is constantly subjected to criticism, and her game is called amateur according to Zoomboola. Preparing for the role of Fantine in the musical The Miserable, Anne lost weight and cut her hair short. The audience appreciated the victims of the actress but again criticized her artificial misery. For this role, Ann was awarded an Oscar, which caused a wave of indignation.

Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh, who played her star role in the mini-series Killing Eve, has more haters than fans. Sandra’s appearance irritates them as well as the strange emotionless expression of her face, which she demonstrates in each role.

Renee Zellweger

The everlasting and already aged Bridget Jones was always blamed in a “show” playing. In contrast with Sandra O, Rene tries to show the maximum of emotions, which is more like a mannered grimace than acting.

Jennifer Lawrence

“Thank you, Harvey!” screamed Jennifer, taking an Oscar for her role in the comedy Silver Linings Playbook. Many critics marked the insincere and fake play of Jennifer. Probably, she got such a success thanks to the efforts of the disgraced producer, but not her talent?