Lovers on the screen and enemies in real life

Lovers on the screen and enemies in real life

Everything always looks so good on the screen – so the filmmaker demands. But in real life, the main characters of the films even able to sincerely hate each other. And these feelings can live in them during their joint work, which involves, in particular, romantic scenes.

The main characters of «Dirty dancing»

Rumor has it that Patrick Swayze begged Jennifer Gray for a long time (according to the legend – on his knees) to agree to shoot in the «Dirty dancing». The fact that during the filming of another picture – «Red Dawn» – these actors were acting up a lot. Patrick’s partner harassed him greatly, demanding the director of the movie to reshoot many scenes. And when someone tried to criticize Jennifer, she immediately burst into tears. She was unhappy with her partner, and because of this she flatly refused to act with Swayze.

Marilyn Monroe and «captain» of «Some like it hotter»

Tony Curtis, who played the saxophonist and the «captain» of the yacht in the movie «Some like it hotter» – a former lover of Marilyn Monroe. They met before the movie.

«It was like I was kissing Hitler» – so said the actress about the part in the romantic scenes with Tony. But Curtis also didn’t stand aside. He complained that at the filming Marilyn nearly strangled him when they were kissing.

Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte

These actors starred together in «I love trouble». And just what is so exciting, they still hate each other. Julia even claimed years later that she thought Nick was a disgusting person. And the actor himself responds to this by the fact that Julia is «not a very pleasant person» too.