Green Smoke Reviews The #1 selling electronic cigarette Green Smoke reviews!

Green Smoke Reviews The #1 selling electronic cigarette Green Smoke reviews!

So one day I saw some lady smoking one of these nifty electronic cigarettes, so I decided to try them for myself…
Just about 8 months ago I had no idea electronic cigarettes existed, and they seemed so dang cool!  As a smoker for over 15 years the thought of quitting was not looking as an option because I actually enjoy smoking.  However we all know the horrible smoking facts with traditional tobacco and the second hand smoking that comes along with it for whomever is around you.  After some research online I decided to go with the Green Smoke cigarette.  So far so good, actually better than good!

Still get the nicotine rush and the habitual gestures that come along with regular smoking.

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Mind you I intended to try out a few different brands like Blu Cigs and eSmoke to find my favorite and “Green Smoke” stuck with me for the following reasons:

  1. The tobacco taste & smell was spot on!
  2. My nicotine craving answered – with authority!
  3. Lots of “smoke” vapor – more than the other brands
  4. Fits nicely between my fingers
  5. Battery lasts a long time

Very reliable – shipping, customer service, product, etc.

This is just my humble opinion mind you. Having said the positive aspects of the electric cigarette smoking let’s take a quick look at the negative. First off the ecig does not shut off, so one could just keep on puffing not paying attention thus surpassing the single cigarette experience. The battery does wear out and need recharging at the most inconvenient times it seems (grrrr), but that is something you need to become used to. Oh, and they are a bit heavy due to the battery so dangling it from your lip is subsequently out of the question… unless you have a big mouth!
If you decide to buy an electric cigarette starter kit I’ll give you a heads up on a few things. First, do not use these to quit smoking – just use as an alternative to smoking cigarettes until you are ready to eliminate tobacco for good. Take your time and get used to the inhaling as it is a little different depending on which brand of cigarette you currently smoke. I would compare the “inhale hit” similar to a Marlboro Red with a good bite and fulfillment of the lungs.

For now the only place to buy Green Smoke is online at their website Once you are there you can browse the various starter kits and nicotine cartridge favors and then choose your nicotine level.  Green Smoke does offer a “love birds” kit for couples, so this way you and your loved one can smoke clean together!

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