5 Ugly Aging Stars

5 Ugly Aging Stars

Time doesn’t know mercy and doesn’t spare anyone, whether it’s a Hollywood star or an ordinary person. You can accept that age-related changes don’t get past anyone. However, if you see photos of some famous actresses and singers, you literally lose the power of speech and get shocked.

Renee Zellweger

Once chubby cheeks gave Bridget Jones a bit of charm, but the actress unfortunately got rid of them. With the new face oval Renee looks like an ordinary elderly woman. Besides, time gave her wattles and took her famous niceness away.

Britney Spears

Celebrity succeeded in getting the pop-icon title for the short period of time. But she also managed to lose it quickly. According to Zoomboola, time, the excess of junk food and abuse of alcohol are bad companions for all women. But in case with Britney years and bad habits made a great deal rather quickly.

Brendan Fraser

Jorge from “Jungles” hasn’t lost the army of his fans yet, but time has left traces on his once beautiful face. However, time did it not by itself, but together with Brendan’s love to delicious caloric food. The actor seems to be quite glad with himself and his appearance and is not going to lose weight or get rid of appeared recently wattles.

Matthew Perry

The amazing star of sitcom “Friends” is trying to return his fame by all forces. Photos of older Matthew Perry appear in chronicle of celebrity scandals and abuses more often, than in film industry annonces or new movies.

Sinead O’Connor

Hardly stepping over a 50-years border, actress still doesn’t reject of a style, which many girls tried to emulate many years ago. If before people compared Sinead’s face with angel’s one, now time has deprived her of the rest of bygone beauty.