Batman Arkham City Free Download

Batman Arkham City Free Download

Batman: Arkham City is bigger, faster, and you can blow more shit up! Batman now has smoke bombs that can thwart a villain and make em cry back to Two-Face! Not only that but “Arkham City” has gone CSI with hi-tech forensics so the Batman can track down the bad guys. And the Riddler is up to his old tricks, hiding little gems all over the city.

Catwoman also squirms her way in town and creates havoc for Batman, whether he likes it or not! ….Is someone on the hunt for Catwoman?

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Arkham City is an asylum for prisoners because the last time, the prisons themselves got all messed up from the shenanigans of “Batman Arkham Asylum“. This game promises to be very dark and really gritty. So if you loved the predecessor then you will love Batman Arkham City.
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