eReleases Review *Press Release Submission Service*

eReleases Review *Press Release Submission Service*

If your serious about getting your name or product out there then a press release is a must. There are literally all sorts of press release type sites to use online but how many of them are effective?
Probably one the best press release companies is eReleases, a press release service and content distribution and creation company developed by Mickie Kennedy.

Paid submissions vs free:

I’ll cut to the chase… you get what you pay for, period. Of course submitting to a free service or site is ok, but that’s just it, OK. I’m sure you want to take over the Internet and get in front of all the hungry eyes you can find, right? Well, it will cost you. How much depends on what you want. Are you planning to just use the submission service or are you looking to have your content written by professionals? Free submissions will get your out there but not for long, they don’t “stick” if ya know what I mean. Real Internet Marketers pay to have things done right for a reason, they make money.

No matter if your a small company or a large firm looking to brand your name further and let your offers be known to the public. A press release will get you noticed virtually everywhere. eReleases for instance has a stable of thousands of journalists from newswires, papers, radio, and websites. This way your content is literally everywhere! Not to mention the top search engines and news sites like USA Today and The Times.

If your not sure how to get your buzz going then have it done for you.

Save yourself the aggravation and headache and let the pros handle the written content and submission thus ensuring your success. Of course they can get you out there and seen, but its up to you to have a product or service that will convert, that is just common sense but I’m sure you have done your homework on that already if you are currently considering a press release.

A well done press release will have traffic kicking down your door and already salivating at what they had just read or saw in your PR campaign that just brought them to your site. Again, eReleases can handle the whole gambit of your campaign with distributing your fresh press release all over the web (and more) in all the right places via keyword placement, social networks, etc. I urge you to check out them out for yourself if you have the funds to do so. —> The Most Effective Press Release Service You can Use: Prices range from $299 on up.