The stars who become more and more attractive with the age

The stars who become more and more attractive with the age

One famous proverb says that in 45 woman has the second youth, and obviously this rule applies to the Hollywood stars! After reaching the Balzac age, many celebrities began to look much more spectacular.

Jennifer Lopez

The star went a long and thorny path from a girl from a high-rise building in the Bronx, slaughtered by life, to a self-confident woman who looks great in secular society. Even more, in school years almost no one paid attention to the young J.Lo, and now the star is always it the center of male attention. And one more interesting fact is that the beauty of Jennifer attracts not only her peers, but also guys who are her sons! To understand the difference, just look at a couple of photos.

Jennifer Aniston

The namesake of the star who insured her buttocks, can also be proud that for more than 20 years, she has not only retained the capital that was given to her by nature, but also multiplied it many times, turning it from a boyish girl (as it was in the TV series “Friends”) into a serious and stylish lady. It is clear that the lion’s share of success is the merit of cosmetologists, makeup artists, hairdressers, stylists and other service personnel, and genetics. But no one will deny that only by making titanic efforts on herself, a woman in Balzac age can look so amazing!

Angelina Jolie

Yes, the star in her years looks amazing, but is it not possible to say that in her youth she looked less impressive. It’s a problematic moment. However, most fans support this point of view!