Actors who have received a large number of “Golden raspberry”

Actors who have received a large number of “Golden raspberry”

“Golden Raspberry” is an anti-award for the worst merits in the cinema. And the interesting thing is that it is often received by very famous actors.

Madonna, after receiving the “Golden Raspberry”, created her own anti-award

The singer, who occasionally appears in the cinema, was presented for the first time with the anti-award “Golden Raspberry” (Razzie) for her role in the film Shanghai Surprise. Then she deserved this award 6 more times.

For the sake of self-irony, Madonna created her own anti-award She gave her the name of the first film, for the shooting of which she received the “Golden Raspberry” this is “Shanghai Surprise”

Eddie Murphy is the holder of several “Golden raspberries”

For comedic and comedians, the “Golden Raspberry” anti-award is very important. Their number demonstrates the success of a career. Eddie Murphy has only 3 “Golden Raspberries”. And such an insignificant number of awards can be considered, rather, an omission, than merit.

Adam Sandler works to earn the Golden Raspberry from year to year

There are actors who, it seems, are specifically seeking to receive anti-award. In many films, Adam Sandlerplays on the verge of a kitsch, and sometimes even goes beyond the appropriate conditional line. Adam films almost always collect full halls. But, here, critics and journalists criticize them in tatters.

Sylvester Stallone is a 10-time nominee

Fans of Stallone will say: how Sylvester nominated for “Golden raspberry” 10 times ? But it is. Here, as in the case of Sandler, the audience likes the actor’s game, and critics find it a lot of flaws. But, if Stallone was nominated 10 times, he received this “Golden Raspberry” only 5 times, unlike many other actors.