Actors whose roles cause fear

Actors whose roles cause fear

Making the viewer have fear and horror is one of the difficult tasks that the director needs to solve. In this case, much depends on the play of actors. But, there are people who, as it seems, were specially born so that the spectators sitting in front of the screen would freeze all the veins from fear.

Anthony Hopkins – a cannibal from “The Silence of the Lambs”

Anthony, whose biography we read on Zoomboola, played an excellently role as a psychiatrist. He has enough emotionality, the monotony of voice, provocation and other nuances of behavior, terrify not only the characters of the film, but also the viewer.

Even greater fear induces the background of the character. The killer who eats his victims. Even just thinking about it makes you feel goosebumps.

Bill Skarsgard – a clown from the new “It”

Clowns. To some they seem ridiculous, and to someone their appearance causes wild horror. And the Hollywood studio decided to play on the corresponding fear, having shot the film “It”.

The main role in this movie belongs to Bill Skarsgard. He plays the very clown who catches the kids. The pointy features and crazy look that Skarsgard portrays inspire fear even to the most sophisticated horror movie lover.

Daveigh Chase – a drowned woman from “The Ring”

If you look at the photos of this actress, it will be very hard to imagine that she played a dead girl, coming out of the TV 7 days after the threatening call.

Of course, the reason why Daveigh fears everyone watching the movie “The Ring” was largely due to the good work of the make-up artists. But, filled with anger glance and strange movements, the actress herself performed, and she succeeded with an excellently.