Celebrities who sacrificed career for family

Celebrities who sacrificed career for family

Eva Mendes

This actress was on the list of the most beautiful women in the world. As a sought-after actress, she starred in movies and commercials. But everything changed when she chose Ryan Gosling as her life partner. After getting married, Mendes became a mother, gave up on her career and devoted herself to her children and husband. According to Zoomboola, she does not regret her choice and enjoys her family life.

Meghan Markle

The films in which this actress starred were somewhat explicit. Due to this, she was not considered to be the best potential wife to Prince Harry. For his sake, she abandoned her career. The role of an actor is not always reflective of the person’s real nature.

Drew Barrymore

Another actress who abandoned her career for the sake of her daughters. She used to be of the opinion that one can find a healthy balance between work and family. But then she realized she’d been mistaken and gave up on her acting career. Earlier, she used to star in several films a year, but now she rarely makes an appearance on the screen. Her colleagues tried to talk some sense into her, but Barrymore refused to listen to anyone.

Keira Knightley

After Knightley connected her life with musician James Righton, she took a break in her career. And after giving birth to their daughter, she desired to spend more time with her family. During the last couple of years, she returned to acting. But her family remains her highest priority and she tries to spend more time with them.

Grace Kelly

She’s a beautiful Hollywood actress whom many rich people wanted to marry. But she chose the Prince of Monaco, and abandoned her Hollywood career to be with him.