Celebrities with the most expensive riders

Celebrities with the most expensive riders

World-class celebrities may demand anything, from milk in their dressing room to plumbing fixtures with golden handles.

Mariah Carey

The most demanding celebrity, according to Zoomboola. Unless there is expensive champagne, plumbing fixtures with golden handles, and 200 towels, she will refuse to perform. In addition, she’s crazy worried about her dog, for whom she demands a separate room and mineral water baths!


This celebrity astonishes everyone by always being accompanied by a dozen of tinted Mercedes-Benzes. She loves these cars, so she never goes anywhere without a cortege.

Jennifer Lopez

For this lady, the hosts even have to repaint the walls of hotel suites. She also demands that the toilet seats are leather trimmed.

Elton John

One of the most demanding world-class celebrities. His list of requirements includes: living trees in the dressing room, airplanes painted in his preferred colors, and a separate room for his collection of glasses where the air temperature must be kept at +16 C.

Robbie Williams

He’s not a celebrity to mess with, as he may cancel the concert if you fail to satisfy his rider demands. He requires a portrait of Dalai Lama and a bonsai tree in his dressing room. In addition, every time he visits the restroom, the seats must be changed.


According to the singer’s rider requirements, all the cabinets must be draped with white cloth. The floor must be covered with a leopard-patterned carpet, on which she enjoys walking barefoot.

Lady Gaga

The singer requires David Bowie posters on the walls of her dressing room, lavender-colored napkins, and white roses. White leather sofas are also a must.