Exotic pets of the stars

Exotic pets of the stars

There are a lot of actors and singers who are no more interested in the usual dogs and cats. As a result, among their pets can be seen more exotic animals.

Dominic Monaghan has a mantis

It is not a coincidence that this English actor got a job at EnimalPlanet.  The exotic animals are his passion, and he can’t stay away from them even for a second. That’s why Dominic bought a tarantula house, a monkey and…a mantis! And the last one is his total favorite!

Monaghan assure everybody that they have long been inseparable friends with this insect, and even go to work together. We must appreciate the actor, because he really was able to created friendly relations with the mantis. For a sufficiently long period he never tried to even go into the wild, although there were plenty of opportunities. In fact, on each shoot there is one.

Mike Tyson’s brutality addition are Bengal Tigers

It would be somehow strange, if the formidable and aggressive Tyson had little furry cats at home. So without thinking twice, Mike bought himself a pair of Bengal tigers. And they look fantastic. The combination of the brutality of animals and humans, but at the same time there is the contrast between white striped tigers and the chocolate color of Tyson…This image is very exciting!

Elvis Presley and his marsupial pet

This original present was given to the main rock-n-role-maker of the World by Hollywood public relations agent, Lee Gordon, in the 50s of the last century, and Elvis really liked this strange animal. When a kangaroo grew up, and when he was 3 years old, Presley did not find better solution, than to give a wild animal to the nature reserve. The reason for this was simple. Even in the huge farmland, owned by a legendary celebrity, the kangaroo didn’t have enough space.