Hollywood actors with degrees

Hollywood actors with degrees

Hello again, dear readers. Many celebrities are not only professional actors, but also specialists who are well versed in other areas. And among them, there are even people with doctoral degrees, which are issued by world-famous universities.

Natalie Portman is a Harvard geek

Portman’s a classic nerd. She graduated from school with the highest marks, which allowed her to go to Harvard. Studying at university was also successful. And when she graduated from it, she had a degree in psychology.

Natalie Portman in Harvard

It is also interesting that the geek had to even skip the premiere of «Star Wars», in which she played one of the main roles. And all is because there was a session at Harvard at this time.

Matthew McConaughey is a lawyer

The star of the «Interstellar» movie and the first season of the «Real detective» series initially did not plan to become an actor. He grew up in a Catholic family and was ready to follow in his father’s footsteps – to engage in the gas business. But the wishes of his parents were not justified. Matthew left business college and flew to Australia, where he worked as a dishwasher.

Matthew McConaughey is actually a lawyer

But he soon returned to Texas and graduated from the university. Matthew graduated from holding a law degree and a level.

Ben Affleck – Doctor of Fine Arts

Ben Affleck often plays a jerkoff, who can’t even put two words together. But he actually has a doctorate. It was awarded to him by one of the oldest American universities – Brown, part of the prestigious «Ivy League». Ben is a doctor of fine arts, and its presence inspires respect.

Benn Affleck has a degree of fine arts