Robert Pattinson: the best roles of the Twilight star

Robert Pattinson: the best roles of the Twilight star

In 2008, Robert Pattinson, being 22, starred in the first part of the Vampire Saga and became extremely famous. Despite the predictions of many film critics, the young man did not stop to develop and did not become an “actor of one role”. In just a few years, Rob managed to build a brilliant career and prove that he can do much more than simply play the role of a handsome and attractive vampire.

Water for Elephants!

According to Zoomboola, in 2011, Robert played young Jacob Jankowski in a touching and very extraordinary beautiful story called Water for Elephants. This movie takes a special place in Robert’s filmography as it was exactly this role (a veterinary student) that showed that the guys could smile, not just show a vampire grin.


In the philosophical Cosmopolis movie, Robert played the role of a billionaire who was tired of his money and searching for the sense of life. He (the hero) understands that not everything could be bought for money too late. The actor’s play in the film can be called exquisite. The man managed to convey the whole tragedy of luxurious but in reality poor life of his hero.

The Rover

The role in the post-apocalyptic thriller The Rover made people look at Robert differently. Even those who still doubted the versatility of his talent understood that they were wrong. In the role of Ray, the faddy wounded brother of one of the offenders of Guy Pierce, Robert was able to show the feeling of the physical pain of his character.