Stars, who are not addicted to social media

Stars, who are not addicted to social media

Almost everybody nowadays can sit on social networks for hours. What about the stars? Do they all do the same and watch, what do the fans think of them?

Benedict Cumberbatch – afraid that social networks would possess his life

This famous British actor does not like social networks. Once he said that if he started to show activity in them, it would capture all of his free time, so his life would be destroyed. But recently he became less critical and started to increasingly appear on YouTube.

Jennifer Lawrence – does not know how to use new technologies

In her case, it’s not a conscious choice, but a simple unwillingness (or lack of time) to get used to new technologies.

In an interview, she said that even to use the phone is difficult for her, and Twitter completely terrifies her.

Scarlett Johansson – doesn’t even call back

Scarlett says that remote communication is just not in her nature. She doesn’t even check messages and doesn’t call back if there is a missed a call.

Keira Knightley: “Likes and all the stuff is rather stupid”

This actress simply considers, that the mass enthusiasm for social networks is unnecessary and stupid. And she said she didn’t want to “be like the majority.” However, she does not need it. Her career is on top even without this.

Mila Kunis – there is no need in social networks

Mila, as she says herself, is simply not interested in what is being said about her in the Internet. She does not use Twitter or Facebook. If she needs to discuss something, she meets with a person or makes a call.