What do the celebrities collect?

What do the celebrities collect?

Despite the fact that the stars have very busy schedule, and spend very little time at home, many of them like to collect things. And it’s not always the collection of some expensive items, sometimes these are cheap baubles, but, nevertheless, they are of great value to their owners.

Angelina Jolie and her daggers

No big surprise that this actress has got a role of the militant Lara Croft, because the breathtaking collection of cold weapons is the greatest pride of the incomparable Angelina Jolie. What is most interesting, Jolie has this unusual hobby since her childhood, and the first dagger the actress’s mother herself personally gave her, when she bought it at the fair.

Moreover, the actress has one rather specific preference — she keeps each item of her countless collection in a separately adapted box. Angelina systematically replenishes her collection, and she brings knives and daggers with her almost from every trip.

Victoria Beckham and expensive bags

Expensive bags make this famous designer to lose her mind. As the lady herself admitted in an interview with British journalists, bags from elite collections is a smart investment. The estimated cost of its collection is about $3 million, while the vast majority of the exhibits are made by the masters of the fashion house Hermès. There are other equally eminent exhibits, the cost of which is going off the scale for several tens of thousands of US dollars.